“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Penguin book cover competition.

My brief is to design a new book cover for a new generation of readers, avoiding clichés and keeping clear of the film’s promotional graphics.

“There are many themes within the book- political, social, victim, antihero, madness, sanity, affection, violence and many more. Read it and discover what the book means to you”.

To start this project initial instinct tells me to begin looking at what book covers work, what doesn’t work, and if people really do judge a book by its cover. I may need to look into statistics and perhaps conduct a survey about how people go about choosing a book.

I have found some brilliant newspaper articles on the book binding subject. Below is just the first example of what I have found, the review of the review, if you will.

“Cover story: a year of beautiful books” – The Guardian

“This year for the first time more ebooks were sold than hardbacks. Publishers have responded by bringing out exquisite new releases and revamps of classics”.

This article discusses the subject of recently published books that have noticeably had effort put into the design of the book cover. It talks about authors that give thanks to the design artists, names companies that are singly devoted to cover design and points out a few of the best latest releases and reprinted books that have caught their artistic eye.

“Publishers have started building their marketing strategies around form rather than content”.

The main theme of the article is the argument of electronic devices taking over the job of an actual book, the conclusion of the article suggesting that this new wave of printing beautiful cover designs will cause the book to become an object of desire once more.

“..the whole point of a good book design is to grab the attention of both the reader and bookseller, as “you have just a few seconds in which to make the sale”…”.

This collection of classic poerty, which have all been reprinted and rebound in exquisite new cover designs, is a good example in the wave of fresh cover creations. These books, re-published by Faber and Faber, have been illustrated with striking wood and lino cuts made by contemporary artists –

To see the full collection of books and their covers or to buy any of them visit – www.faber.co.uk/list/poetry-classics

To read the full article visit – www.guardian.co.uk/books/2011/dec/02/beautiful-book-covers

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