Book Cover Research.

Designing a successful book cover, this is what I got out of the article.

“There’s no place I know of that’s the subject of more anxiety, scrutiny, second-guessing, crowdsourcing, opinion-mongering, and general unease than the small space of your book cover”.

  • Less is generally more, don’t confuse graphics in the small space you have to work with.
  • Choose maybe one symbol from the story, don’t incorporate them all.
  • Use colours that compliment each other and keep it simple.

“One of the quickest ways to kill any good effect of your book cover is to include too many elements”.

  • The best covers are made up from a combination of simple yet powerful elements that can tell the viewer what to expect from the book.
  • Readers look for clues as to what themes and genres the book is from the cover.
  • Look at lots of books.
  • Simple graphics with a clear message work best.

To read the full article visit –



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