Surrealism Research- “What Dreams May Come” (1998 Film) Surreal Scenes

“What dreams may come” is a 1998 film that tells the story of a couple, Chris Nielson and his wife Annie, who lose their children in a car crash. Four years later Chris dies in another accident and wakes up in Heaven. Dues to despair Annie takes her own life which lands her in Hell. When Chris learns of this he takes it upon himself to rescue her by journeying into Hell and saving her from the damnation she doesn’t even know she is forcing on herself.

Film Trailer:

In most religions “Hell” is known as a place full of endless suffering and torment in the afterlife. “Heaven” is known as the holiest possible place full of divinity and goodness. In the film “What dreams may come” they have depicted these places in a personal way.

When chris wakes up after dying he finds himself in a landscape that he has invented from his imagination of what “Heaven” should look like. This would be a very personal and deeply subconscious action. The same thing happens for his wife Annie in “Hell” except she creates her own personal worst situation.

I though these clips were great examples of the use of the subconscious and how it is depicted.  They are all very surreal scenes and if we got the chance to choose our own “Heaven” and “Hell” it could be the most widely depicted and personal thing we would ever do.



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