190412 Research – ‘Life in a Day’

An amazing watch if you have a spare hour and a half. ‘Life in a Day’ incorporates stories, some sad, some uplifting, some funny, from all around the world and shows different people’s lives from dawn till dusk. This film is made up of the publics own footage of the same day.

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190412 Research

Kevin Meredith aka ‘Lomokev’ is a photographer based in Brighton, he came to my University and I was lucky enough to get to his lecture. He showed us some of his work including this video ‘A Year in the Life’, a time-lapse video of photos taken everyday of himself over the space of a year. This is good research for my day project ‘190412’. I am documenting the 19/04/12 as that also happens to be my student number.


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Pantone Easter Design

Great image I saw re-blogged on my ‘Mentor’ Robson Dowry’s Company blog!

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The Ink Blot Tests

I made a few example tests to research a project. What do you see?

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Mental: A History of the Mad House

“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” research- documentary on the history of the mental institutes in England.

“This documentary tells the fascinating and poignant story of the closure of Britain’s mental asylums. In the post-war period, 150,000 people were hidden away in 120 of these vast Victorian institutions all across the country. Today, most mental patients, or service users as they are now called, live out in the community and the asylums have all but disappeared. Through powerful testimonies from patients, nurses and doctors, the film explores this seismic revolution and what it tells us about society’s changing attitudes to mental illness over the last sixty years”.

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Ken Kesey interview.

Ken Kesey, writer of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, talks about his famous “Acid Tests”, experiences, music and his own unique perspectives on being “open-minded”.

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“Trees” Research – Jenine Shereos and the other use for hair.

Installation artist Jenine Shereos has found an unusual use for human hair. She has created delicate featherweight tree leaves from fixing together individual strands of human hair. (See below)

Clever to turn something quite grotesque into something uniquely beautiful? The veining of a leaf is recreated by the careful intertwining, wrapping and stitching of the hair together.

“Allusions to the vascular tissue of plants, as well as the vascular system of the human body, exist simultaneously; the delicate trace of a hair falling silently, imperceptibly, from one’s head becoming the veins of a leaf as it falls from a tree leaving its indelible imprint on the ground below”.


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